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Customizable Selling Tool to Illustrate Transair Savings

The new Transair Value Calulator is intended to show contractors the financial benefits of Transair when compared to traditional pipe systems.

Parker believes creating value-based attributes for our various product lines, including Transair, is critical to the sales growth. Once the attributes are identified, value capture resources such as calculators, statements and propositions are created. The intent of Parker’s value capture initiative is to provide our sales force (both Parker and distributor) with the ability to supply the customer with quantitative facts and logic to make a purchasing decision.

As a result of this initiative, we have created a Transair Value Calculator that illustrates the typical savings achieved by installing Transair in place of traditional steel or copper compressed air pipe system in terms.

Please contact Transair’s customer service department today by calling 480-830-7764 or emailing for a local distributor to schedule a personalized demonstration that clearly will identify the tremendous savings Transair can offer on your next compressed air piping project.

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