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CAD Drawings

There are a large number of Transair CAD drawings of various connectors, tubes, hoses valves and accessories. This free service provides access to over 200 Transair drawings, available 24/7 To ensure our customers worldwide can use the files.

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Design Software

Design your pipe system with Transair Design Software. Using a grid that allows you to easily scale pipe length feet per grid square, you can add drops, branch lines and various fittings that are saved in your shopping cart. You can also add notes and export your system design to MS Excel.

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Transair Flow Calculator

Use the Transair Flow calculator to help you choose the proper diameter for your pipe system installation. With the flow calculator, simply enter the flow of your compressor, the pressure rate, the length of your main ring and select the correct unit. The Transair Flow Calculator will gives you a suitable diameter (pressure drop less than 5% ).

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Transair Value Calculator

The Transair Value Calculator shows contractors how much money they will save by installing Transair compressed air pipe system instead of a traditional system. The Value Calculator provides a detailed value analysis and a clear summary with comparative data and visual graphs.

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Transair Energy Savings

Transair systems offer more energy savings than traditional pipe systems. With Transair energy efficiency software, you can calculate your overall savings and ROI.

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