Support & Training

The Transair sales and customer services teams offers complimentary assistance to you by providing complete piping project assistance. The Transair teams are at your disposal to study and help design your air system. In particular, we will assist you in your project with:

  • Information on the Transair products and services (CAD drawings, spec sheets, etc.)
  • Guidance and training on how to assemble the system (Transair University)
  • Advice on “best practice” in order to reduce your consumption of energy
  • Ongoing assistance and follow-up
  • On-site advisory presence at construction and installation locations

In addition to these various support and training tools, Transair has created a specific software CD to enable a complete review of your compressed air system, including:

  • Pre-study figures (to see an example, click here)
  • Installation diagram
  • Required components
  • Theoretical assembly time

Our teams will guide through the technical and commercial procedures. To find the Transair nearest contact, just click here.

If your looking to contact us for a general question about our website or any piping questions feel free to contact us and we’ll quickly get back to you.