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How much money do you really need?How much money do you really need?

I have previously written about the 4% rule that can be used to find out how much money machine you need. But can you think differently? I think the 4% rule is great for estimating how much capital you need Before you can call yourself financially independent and not being dependent on an earned income. […]

Borrowing MoneyBorrowing Money

Borrowing money has become an integral part of our lives. It is no wonder if the average Croat is known to spend more than he earns. Such behavior is not a matter of whim but of need, because the cost of living exceeds the income. A large number of people are therefore forced to borrow […]

What does it cost in kronor to borrow money? – LoansWhat does it cost in kronor to borrow money? – Loans

When it comes to loans, people often talk about interest here and interest there. Sure, it’s a good way to see the difference in cost between two different comparable loans, but sometimes it can be interesting to know what a loan actually costs in exact DFG. In the calculations here I have calculated the interest […]

This year’s saving tips?This year’s saving tips?

This weekend, Mr and Mrs Independent did something that could be called this year’s savings tips. Shop magazines at libraries? Libraries are generally a good way to save money because you can borrow books there instead of having to buy them. But what I didn’t know, as Good Financet found out, is that libraries sometimes […]

Loan interest rateLoan interest rate

Quick credits can be applied for in about 15 minutes without leaving your computer, without certificates and without a guarantee. On the other hand, loans in the bank take 1-2 working days on average. To borrow loans online, you need to choose the right credit company , register on the credit website and apply for […]

Borrowing with Payment Note – How to Solve an Economic Crisis | LoansBorrowing with Payment Note – How to Solve an Economic Crisis | Loans

From money laundering to the classic luxury trap – payment remarks or debts from the petitioner can hit the best and is nothing to be ashamed of. The fastest way out is to take an iron grip on the economy with proven methods. The sooner, the better. Taking out a mortgage loan and settling expensive […]