Aluminum Wall Brackets

DescriptionProduct #OD(mm)OD2(mm)Center(in)Degree# of Ports
Simple Reducing BracketRR63L8N12168-1 1/2--
Reducing Bracket NPT Female ThreadRR63L8N16168-2--
Simple Reducing Bracket NPT Female ThreadRR63L1N0876-1--
Simple Reducing Bracket NPT Female Thread (EPDM Seals)RR89L1N080176-1--
Simple Reducing BracketRA6940254025---
Simple Mini Bracket with threadRA6840N0440----
Simple Reducing BracketRA6925172516.5---
Simple Mini Bracket with threadRA6825N0425----
Wall Bracket6684252225-1/29020
NPT Inlet 1 Port Wall Bracket668822221/2-1/2902
Wall Bracket6640252225-1/2451
Wall Bracket6689252225-1/2451
Wall Bracket with Ball Valve6694252225-1/2452
Wall Bracket with Ball Valve6679252225-1/2451
Wall Bracket with Ball Valve6675252225-1/2902
Wall Bracket6696252225-1/2-3
Wall Bracket with Ball Valve6638252225-1/2-3
Wall Bracket6684172216.5-1/2902
Wall Bracket668822221/2-1/2902
Female/Female NPT Wall Bracket664222221/2-1/2451
Female/Female NPT Wall Bracket669122221/2-1/2452
Wall Bracket6640172216.5-1/2451
Wall Bracket6689172216.5-1/2452
Wall Bracket with Ball Valve6694172216.5-1/2452
Wall Bracket with Ball Valve6679172216.5-1/2451
Wall Bracket with Ball Valve6675172216.5-1/2902
female/female NPT wall bracket663628223/4-1/2-3

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